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RadarOpus Introducton

RadarOpus comes in a few variations (called engines): Mini, Silver, Gold or Diamond.
There are several Packages available suitable for each type of user: the non-professional, beginner or advanced homeopathy student, or professional user.

Please contact your local distributer for exact details of the packages available in your country.


Libraries, Individual books, Modules, repertories

There is a great choice of individual books, libraries or repertories available which can be added to your basic package.

There are also several modules available, like the Polarity Analysis, Paul Hescu Module, Heiner Frei Polar Symptom Analysis.

Please ask your local distributer for the Add On pricelist.

George Dimitriadis - The Boenninghausen Repertory

The most intensively researched and referenced version of the Pocketbook repertory of Boenninghausen. With many translation corrections, and corrections of remedies to rubrics. The full book edition now available exclusively in RadarOpus with all rubric notes available at the rubrics. Read more.