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You can download a Full Functioning Demo-Tryout version of RadarOpus

The full function tryout version of RadarOpus allows you to explore almost all functions, repertories and references for 30 days.

Step 1: Check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements

- Minimum: 2 GB Ram, and minimum 25 GB free on the HD or SSD.
- Minimum screen resolution1024x768
- A reasonable fast computer (so not a very old slow computer), preferably a i3 or i5 processor.
- For Mac OS: Mount-Lion 10.8, Mavericks, Yosemite, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave.
- For Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.

Tip: if your computer starts to become slow, consider to replace the old HDD for a new 250 Gb SSD, this will speed up your computer considerably. A SSD 250 GB costs curently around 50 euro excl vat.

Step 2: Download the correct full installer file (around 3 GB)

Click here to open the download section.
Right mouse click on the correct file, and select Download

- For Windows 7: radaropus-2.1.11-windows7.zip
- For Windows XP, 8, or 10: download: radaropus-2.1.11-windows-Recent.iso
- For Mac with OS versions 10.12 or older: radaropus-2.1.11-osx-10.12andOlder.dmg
- For Mac with OS 10.13 or newer: radaropus-2.1.11-macos-Recent.dmg

Step 3: Installation

- For Windows 7 and Win Xp, Win 8, 10: best is to Right mouse click on the downloaded file, then Open with windows explorer, then double click on the installer file. It is best to temporarily de-activate your virusscanner.

- For Mac: double click on the downloaden file, then double click on the installer file.

Step 4: Ask the 30 days activation key

- Send an email or ask your local representative for the 30 days activation key

Step 5: Learn to use RadarOpus

- You can ask for a 15 minutes skype live introduction (you need to have skype installed)
- View the introduction videos English or Dutch


You receive a tryout of all features and functions, this might be a little overwhelming.
It is therefor best is to check the Advised program settings.
For any questions or problems phone: 00-31 (0)40-2521311  (Office hours - Central European Time zone: Amsterdam, Paris)
Or send an email.