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Synthesis App

The Synthesis App is an efficient and easy to use digital version of the Repertory Synthesis 2009 edition. You can Browse, Find, or Word search throught the repertory.

Place bookmarks to rubrics you like to keep in mind.Take symptoms into a clipboardEdit your clipboard and view an analysis.Then send the result as PDF to your email address, or if you have a RadarOpus you can import the selected symptoms and continue on the same case when you arrive in your office.

Avalable Languages, for Android and iOS

The Synthesis App is available in: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.
The App is available for Android, and Apple (iOS)  (not yet for Windows)

Try Out

There is a free Demo version (Android) and Lite version (iOS) available with only a few chapters to check it out first.
Or view the Tutorial Video which covers all main functions of the App.
To study all details you can also view the Users Guide.

Buy the app

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For more information visit the Archibel website:
  - General info

For all remaining questions please contact your Radar representative in your country, or contact René Otter