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The Synthesis App: for Phones & Tablets

For only 99 €    Synthesis 2009 always in your pocket wherever you go

New in version 2.0

Added is the possibility to store up to 30 cases before you send to your email.
Day and Night view

 The 'workflow' in the App:

    - Browse like in the book
    - Search on keywords
    - Place sometimes a bookmark
    - Take symptoms into a clipboard
    - Show quikly the analysis
    - Send as PDF file to your email address
      (optionional, send to RadarOpus and continue to work)

Video & Manual

Download the latest user guide for version 2.0
View the full tutorial video
View what's new in version 2.0 video

Free Tryout or Purchase

The Synthesis App can only be downloaded from the Apple and Google-Play App Shops.You can read more about the Synthesis App here

There is a tryout version (called Demo/Lite) availale with two chapters
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The full version
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